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Underarm crutches have developed throughout days. Usually, underarm or axillary crutches are placed beneath your armpits. It is primarily for those who are temporarily injured. Traditional underarm crutches can also cause armpit injury. Keeping this thought in mind, X-Crutch comes with their new technology to heal patients in a comfortable manner and more quickly.

Here in this X Crutch review, you’ve analyzed each feature and prescribed why it is suitable for you.

x crutch review

The unique feature of these high-tech underarm crutches is- length memory function with an anti-slip rubber foot. This 75.5 cm crutch can extend and while extended it has a length of 49.5 cm from at the top from the grip and 98.5 cm of the bottom portion of the grip. This means these crutches can be used as a cane. And you can also collapse it within one second and de-collapse it too. So it is very useful for riding the stairs with maximum safety. Moreover, these sturdily designed crutches are armed with anti-slip rubber foot that ensures the highest safety to patients while maneuvering. These crutches support weight up to 550 pounds.

Now let’s discuss the detailed features and benefits of these crutches along with its few drawbacks.

Fundamental Requirements to Use These Ones

Undoubtedly, X-Crutch is best for long walking. It is engineered with a long memory function which automatically adjusts to your preset height. So you don’t want to set your crutches height manually. The aluminum alloy provides maximum durability and for ensuring stability, it is outfitted with rubber feet. These rubber feet help to keep the crutches stable. Also, it is suitable for those who have to pass the staircases every day. As the stairs come with different heights and need to adjust quickly, so these ones can be your choice.

More fundamental requirements to use these crutches are discussed below.

  • Each crutch of this X-Crutch is lightweight. It weighs only 2 pounds. So it’s easy for patients to lift up. Moreover, each of these crutches can carry over 275 lbs load. That means both crutches can carry a total 550 pounds.
  • These crutches come with wide size ranges. A people having a height of 4’3″ is also capable of using these crutches. And people up to 6’2″ height can have these great injury time supportive tool. Moreover, it can fold to 2’5″compact size within a second. It’s essential while you are sitting or walking through uneven roads.
  • You can use these crutches as a cane. Cane means, only the extension of the bottom portion without any change at the top portion.

x crutch

Additional Features

  • High Quality Built Material

These X-Crutches are made up of a premium quality aircraft grade aluminum alloy. This high-quality material not only ensures its sturdiness but also ensures a premium look. These advanced underarm crutches provide maximum support and comfort to the injured patient.

  • Easily Collapsible Crutches

These are the latest version of crutches from the manufacturer X Crutch. These underarm crutches are easy to adjust. It also comes with length memory function. This means you don’t need to adjust the length each time you use it. The automatic technology will help it to collapse to the previous position. It’s also great for storage and quick setup. Even if you are sitting, you don’t want your crutches to be extended and don’t want to manually collapse them too. Rather, this length memory function does the collapsing work within a second. You can adjust the height according to your arm length and leg. This is great for your body posture. Moreover, you can carry these crutches easily to anywhere you want. You can even keep them in any nook and corner of your home. Furthermore, you can carry them into your luggage too.

  • Anti-Slippery Rubber Foot

These X-Crutch Underarm Crutches is equipped with durable rubber feet. These anti-slippery rubber feet prevent you from occurring any accident. Moreover, it works as great support for your shoulder. The unique shape of these crutches helps the user to maneuver through the stairs more easily than ever. The length memory function helps the patient to stair up and down more easily. Because of the durable rubber feet, patients can have a safe movement and can have better stability.


  • Built with a premium quality aluminum alloy that provides durability.
  • These crutches can be used as a cane for its length memory feature.
  • This lightweight crutches can carry a heavy load.
  • It is suitable for both smaller and taller people.
  • The collapsible design ensures its easy storing facility.
  • For proving maximum stability, it has an anti-slippery foot.


  • Some people find uncomfortable under their armpit as there is no foam attached to the underarm cradle.
  • Anti-slippery rubber feet higher stability but it causes little sneaky noise.

Consumer Rating

Considering all the pros and cons and analyzing the features along with their benefits, it should get a higher consumer rating. Customers rated it 3.4 stars out of 5. Many people appreciate the great innovative technology of X-Crutch.

They hope that the manufacturer will improve their crutches soon to make it more user-friendly.

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Market Price

It can be a little bit costly than others but not as high as estimated. If you look at the unique features and benefits of these crutches and the innovative ideas developed by the manufacturer, it totally worthy.

To know more about these advance crutch and price range please pay a visit here.

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Final Words

Overall, patients always look for easy to use crutches. They want to avoid all the complexities to set up their crutches manually. This is where the X Crutches own their customers’ heart. Long memory features provide the injured patients’ easy access, where rubber foot ensures safety.

That’s why these crutches are a complete pair for any injured patients.

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